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OBDKey Bluetooth

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pointUnit dimensions: 62x45x24mm (65x45x24mm including accessory loop)

pointPort: 16-pin OBD-II Standard Socket

pointVehicle Support: All OBD-II Vehicles (including CAN bus)

pointBluetooth: Class II Module - Up to 30 metres

pointExternal power: 8.0 to 32.0 volts provided by vehicle battery via OBD-II socket

pointSoftware: Supplied on CD for Windows PC, Pocket PC (PDA, Windows Mobile), Palm, Windows Smartphone. Also available for Android

pointUser Manuals: Supplied on CD in Acrobat (PDF) format

pointSupport : On line, via email

pointWarranty : Two Years from receipt of product



Exclusive OBDKey Features


pointExtended command set so that OBDKey can perform enhanced diagnostics not possible with simple ELM based scan tools. However, OBDKey is compatible with the legacy ELM327 command set which means you can also run ELM based applications with the OBDKey device range.

pointUpgradeable firmware. Updates available to add new features to the already stable and well proven OBDKey core firmware. Keeping your OBDKey adapter up to date and protecting your investment.

pointBattery saving technology which prevents the OBDKey from keeping the vehicle ECU systems awake for longer than is really needed. Regular battery checks should be carried out if you leave any device permanently connected to your vehicle.

pointSuper advanced multi-protocol auto-detect processes. Further custom protocol support also available. OBDKey connects to more OBD-II and pre-OBDII vehicles than any other scan tool adapter on the market in this class.

pointStable connection to all supported vehicles

pointLarge and reliable enhanced protocol memory buffer. Faultless and error free data acquisition guaranteed from OBDKey